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One Pass Rice Milling Machines
One Pass Rice Milling Machines
One Pass Rice Mill With Motor.
One Pass Rice Mill With Engine.
One Pass Rice Milling Machines
* Single pass system to do all process of husking, separating of husk and brown rice, whitening and bran removal by one machine
* The precision design produces the best white and bright rice with less broken
* The machine is easy to operate and service, there are no need for skilled operators
* No much spares required
* It can be run by motor or diesel engine
* Small compact machine with big capacity
* Easy installation with less space required
* Very economical cost with high profitability
* Spares readify available.
* This machine mainly consists of D-husker with rubber rolls, a husk aspirator and a emery polisher.
* The paddy is primarily placed in the hopper, a vibrating screen in the hopper separates the impurities for the protection of rubber rollers and other machine components
* The polishing chamber is provided with the emery roll placed inside the slotted screens.
* A powerful fan blows air to keep the polisher cool and helps the bran to come out from the process of the screen.
* Thus the blower assured a faster machine processing and cleaner surface on each and every grain of rice.
* One more echaust fan is provided over the rice outlet in the machines which further cleans the dust other unwanted particles from the rice to make it pure and crystal clear.
Input Capacity Paddy Tons/hr.
Required power
Hp     KW
Maib Shaft Revolution RPM
Size of Rubber Rollers
1 Ton
20 Hp
Engine Double Cylinder 20
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